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Dubai turns Burj Khalifa into ‘Glowing’ charity box.

The world’s tallest building, has emerge as a sparkling charity donation box, raising cash for food for UAE residents struggling the financial impact of the new corona virus pandemic. Read more on . Winemakers in Italy want to covert their unsold assets into hand sanitising gel, which is in excessive demand in the middle […]

Food Cycle makes meals out bins of grocery stores

Read about how a Charity called Food Cycle scavenges for surplus of perfectly good food from bins of grocery stores and up cycles into full meals for people that don’t have money or resources here. The mayor of London is encouraging cycling and walking in the streets of downtown during lockdown. The Streetscape initiative is […]

California is Starting to Open Up

On Tuesday, May 4th, 2020 Gavin Newsom, Governor of California announce that California will start opening up. Starting Friday, May 8, 2020 most stores including clothing stores, book stores, music stores, and sporting stores, with some modifications like curb side pick up only. Oh! And florists too, just in time for Mother’s Day! He also […]

Gratitude! Covid19 brings out the best in people

During these tough times where everyone is sheltering in place, it is important to show your gratitude to people who need it, be thankful for what you have and lastly but most importantly, be happy. These next few examples show acts of generosity and kindness. Many people from all over the world, expressed what they […]

Stubborn 70 year old refuses to die

Seventy year old is discharged after two months. He suffered multiple organ shutdown, was on a ventilator and his family had to say good bye to him. But…he refused to die. See more on Seattle Times. Story 2: Covidya provides free tutoring platform Arhan, a 15 year old student from Hong Kong wants to provide […]