During these tough times where everyone is sheltering in place, it is important to show your gratitude to people who need it, be thankful for what you have and lastly but most importantly, be happy. These next few examples show acts of generosity and kindness.

  1. Many people from all over the world, expressed what they were grateful for. This ranged from family bonding time to star-gazing to noise canceling headphones! Gratitude is such an important thing. Learn more here.
  2. A farmer from Kansas sent New York Governor, Governor Cuomo a heartfelt hand-written letter asking for N-95 masks. The governor gladly donated them to the family. Learn more here
  3. A hospital in Santa Cruz, California, recently received a 1 million dollar donation as a thank you for working during these tough times. The money is going to employees of the hospital as a bonus to them and their families. Read more about this generous act here!